Tuesday, April 10, 2012

bump featured on spearmint baby!

today me and lemonpeel studios are featured on spearmint baby! 
go and check it out here


  1. Chloe I just showed my mom all of your pictures and now she wants to do it! I told her I can't compete with yours! How are you doing? Due any day!!! I'm so excited for you. It has been to long since we have gotten together but I guess it will be a while longer now!

    1. Hey Kayla! Thank you- those photos are so great; doing a summer version might be even more fun than what I did. I am doing okay- no baby yet! Getting together with friends is a little difficult right now- you will need to come visit when baby girl is a little older. So excited for you! He or she will be so much fun!

    2. Yeah I figured it would be a while, I'm sure you will be busy/exhausted for some time! But I'm glad that I can still spy on your life through your blog! I'm so excited for you and Ryan and even a little jealous of your little puppy you have been watching. Hope all goes well in the delivery!

    3. We are super excited too! Can't wait to meet her. The puppy has become much better behaved- obedience class pays off! He is so much fun now (the help from family makes it all better!); when he leaves I will be relieved and sad at the same time. Probably will cry!


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