Thursday, April 12, 2012

no baby yet!

me and my family joke that baby girl has decided she does not want to come out until her nursery is fully furnished and decorated!

 here is what we have done or plan to do in preparation/waiting for baby:

^ grocery shop
^ shop at target for obnoxious amounts of time
^ painted my old dresser and changing table (it was the same set my mom used for me-happy she kept it)
^ planning to make pecan rolls, toaster pastries and more freezable meals
^ clean (the oven is scary)
^ organize garage
^ praying for a safe delivery
^ walk a lot
^ attempt to make some shelves for the kitchen and baby girl's room
^ take a bubble bath with some new lush products (yippee!)
^ redo my manicure and pedicure (i was ready for baby to come on Easter...sigh)
^ drink lots of water
^ spend time with family

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