Wednesday, October 17, 2012

6 months & 5 months

happy autumn to you

days have recently been filled with 
windy weather
yummy oven dinners
cupcakes from one sweet slice 
planning thanksgiving & Christmas
drawing up sewing ideas
changing out summer linens for winter ones
packing away colette's newborn and 3 month clothes (so sad!)

we are enjoying this time as the three musketeers 
and i love having my sweet baby in my arms almost 24/7

colette is growing so fast! 
ry and i feel so blessed to have this precious angel in our lives
she is smiling more and her personality is coming out stronger than before

we missed our 5 month photo op with the white chair so we improvised with a white pillow 


  1. hey keri! we are good how are you guys doing? hope florida is AMAZING!!!


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