Tuesday, October 30, 2012

october lately


we've received a beautiful and delicious package from my mom who frolicked around France eating too many macaroons and sandwiches

those boxes just make me so happy

but not has happy as this cutie pie

the votes are in and she is going to be:
a shabby chic ballerina for halloween

still figuring out how to decorate the shelves for halloween...im terrible at decorating for halloween.
 i always just want to skip to Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS!!!

i do love tying ribbons to the chandelier
we are piling up the candy and cleaning up the porch for the cute kiddos tomorrow night
hopefully we don't get teenagers.

1 comment:

  1. um, MACAROONS CAN BE MAILED?? How did I not know this. oh my goodness Colette is cute - geez. also, I am totally needing some chloe time, I'll be calling you so we can hang :)love the ribbons on the chandelier, spooky yet elegant.


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