Monday, January 24, 2011

its one of those days

its one of those days where

you burn your husbands lunch
you didnt have time to slap on some makeup
your co-worker pushes all the wrong buttons
you go company shopping only to find out that your boss wants you to shop at wal-mart not target just to save about $5

you forgot to defrost your chicken for tonights meal
the weather gets too cold- yes utah im talking to you
you would love to shop for yourself but only find lint in your pockets
you go to sleep early the night before only to be staring into the dark hours later still wide-awake because of your stuffy nose
my head feels like this

you know what i mean? 


  1. Chloe I had one of those days today too!! I hope you have a better one tomorrow! :-)

  2. oh no! Theraful honey - it's a miracle worker... although, as I'm not sure it would solve those other problems...


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