Monday, January 24, 2011

roast chicken for the week

martha's roast chicken is a staple dish around my house
i love it because although it takes a bit more work
it is smooth sailing for the next couple of meals
let me explain 

you need the whole chicken, rosemary, a lemon, some garlic cloves, butter, salt & pepper and mini red potatoes optional but a nice touch
the oven at 475 

before roasting

55 mins later  
dinner complete
with the pan drippings creating a creamy sauce
ry was pleased 
here is a nice recipe to try out
now onto the leftovers...

photo via
we had chicken-jalapeno quesadillas for lunch the next day 

then enchiladas for lunch the day after that
recipe for this soon to follow
these enchiladas are the creamiest thing ever 

photo via
then nigellas soup for needy people for dinner 
yes that's the name of the recipe
seriously soothing

all from one chicken
perfect for a couple of meals for 2

hope you guys had a great weekend
i am sick with a cold
and my head feels like its the size of a beach ball
super gross 

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