Monday, June 6, 2011

today is the day of: gardening

a dreamy garden

thank goodness i enjoy it but boy this garden has so far been a lot of work
prepping the soil has been the worst of it
photos to come 

today is the day of:
putting garden waste in the green trash bin
squishing more gross insects (yuck)
planting the peppers (red, green, yellow, and orange)
watering everything twice
making sure my squash don't die
actually making sure nothing dies- well, trying to 
feeding the ants grits
talking to the raspberry seedlings from grandma-helps em grow
praying about the tomatoes- i need more than fertilizer and water 
figuring out herb placement
smelling lemon balm and pineapple sage-yum
washing lots of dishes
eating frozen organic mangoes
buying more plants? maybe baby.
writing my list for the bbw sale coming soon- time to stock up friends
waiting for the mailman to see what he has for me
cooking this yummy pasta dish for dinner

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