Sunday, June 5, 2011

forgiveness for over-excitement

have you ever been super passionate about something? so excited about that topic that all you want to do is declare your love of the subject and advise anyone who asks (or doesn't ask) about it?

guilty. i am SO guilty of that. so my friends, to the many friends i have smothered with advice that was not asked for (even if you did ask for it), i am so sorry. i never meant to douse you with so much info at once. it is overwhelming to hear so much in one phone call. trust me i am working on it.

i remember a phone call i received from my sweet brother-in-law to greet me a happy birthday. in exchange for his greeting i said thank you and started to talk immediately about wedding planning and how preparations were coming along. instead of helping and supporting the couple, i think i stressed them out more. luckily for me, they are the grooviest couple i know and they are just so nice to me, so in all my excitement about their upcoming nuptials they gave me a little piece to take part in to let me release all this wedding creativity i had stored up.

still, there was no excuse for my acting that way on the phone. this has happened numerous times to many of my dear friends and relatives in person or over the phone.

i am learning to zip the lip and to go on caring but not obsessing over the details for you. there is just too much excitement and i enjoy events, birthdays, weddings, you name it. i feel that somehow me talking to you helps. weird i know. anyone who is close to me knows that i love to talk and talk and talk and talk... especially when a topic comes up that i am passionate about. but who wouldn't want to talk about something they are passionate about?

there have been numerous friends and family that joke (or perhaps are serious) that i should go into event planning. a way to have a healthy obsession with events. that has been on my mind a lot recently. we will see where that will lead.

till then i say again, i am sorry to the past and most recent friends/family i have scared. i bet you think i memorize martha stewart living, allure and bridal magazines in my spare time, well...i kind of try to.

but please don't think im weird.

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  1. You should go into event planning! It is the best!!


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